Since babies haven't learned to talk yet, crying is the primary way your baby communicates a want, need or discomfort.

Some Reasons Why Babies Cry

  1. Startled or frightened by loud noise
  2. When your baby wakes in a place other than where he or she went to sleep
  3. Over tired or over stimulated
  4. Afraid of dark or an unfamiliar person
  5. Moving and startling your almost asleep baby from your arms to her or his bed.
  6. Wants to be nurtured by being held
  7. Handled too rough or too much
  8. Needs to release tension
  9. Hasn’t learned to self-calm or colicky
  10. Sibling mishandled baby, pinched or hit
  11. Foot or arm caught in or bumped into something
  12. Frustrated because you don’t get it.
  13. Hungry or thirsty
  14. Gas or air in stomach- needs to be burped
  15. Diaper rash or soiled diaper
  16. Too hot or too cold
  17. Sick or in physical pain or allergic to something
  18. Formula doesn’t agree with your baby
  19. Itchy clothing or clothing tags irritating
  20. Something in your baby’s eye
  21. Sun in your baby’s eyes or lights too bright
  22. The pacifier fell out of your baby’s mouth
  23. Teething, unpleasant smell or insect bite
  24. Feeding solid foods or sugar too early

The first 12 of these reasons are helped or prevented if you follow our suggested bedtime routine and/or play our Heartbeat Lullabies